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Wild Aroma Co.

We Work With
The Principles of Aromatherapy In All Our Products By Using Raw, Plant Based Ingredients.

Handcrafted In Berkshire, UK.

Wild Aroma Co. Wellbeing Collection

What Our Customers Have to Say

I have never used Neem Soap before, I wasn't sure what to expect. I love how it has made my skin feel. With our hard water in the south of England, the oils in this soap has made such a difference. It is a lovely, elegant soap with a creamy lather. I also use it on my face as it is gentle. My skin feels clean with no residue or tightness from the hard water. The large bar has lasted me a while but I'll be back for more. Thank you so much!!! Heather

Heather Bingham

These bath salts are absolutely gorgeous. They smell heavenly and make my skin lovely and soft.
The Vetiver & Lavender salts leave you feeling so relaxed after your bath and you have a great nights sleep too!
Another bonus is the house smells amazing for the next couple of days, so win win.
Can't recommend these highly enough, great product at an affordable price


I bulk bought all of Jeanne’s bath salts at Christmas and thank god I did! I tried one scent before gifting them, then thought I’d better try all scents just to be sure... you can tell the quality of the salt great post work out or stressful day. The smell last so well which you know means they’re quality. My skin feels so nourished after, and added bonus it makes my house smell incredible too. Also noticed my other half has started taking more baths.


I have ordered Jeanne’s aromatherapy bath salts multiple times now for myself and my friends and family over Christmas. Each blend smells amazing, I still cannot pick a favourite but I think the Eucalyptus & Frankincense has got to be up there- It makes my bathroom smell like a spa! The bath salts really are the best I have ever tried. They make me feel so relaxed and my skin feeling so soft. I love knowing how natural they are, with nothing else in them except pure salts and essential oils unlike other baths salts on the market which are full of chemicals and colourings! My deliveries always arrive quickly and are wrapped so nicely. Thank you Jeanne for the lovely salts. If you want to feel super relaxed and you enjoy your baths then I would highly recommend these bath salts.


This blend is unreal. I put 2 sprays of Wild Aroma's Aromatherapy Pillow Mist on my pillows and I was quickly off into dream land. I felt rested when I woke up. I tend to spray my pillows every couple of days, as the blend is lasting. It is such a beautiful aroma even my partner loves it. I have tried several high street blends that cost the earth and nothing measures up to this blend! Knowing this is purely plant based is another tick on my list. Thank you Wild Aroma for the best night sleep EVER!!!! Natalie x


I purchased these bath salts after coming across Jeanne’s Instagram page. I was having trouble sleeping and I knew lavender had amazing sleep benefits. Well.. I slept all night long without waking up once after a bath in these salts!

The lavender with Vetiver is so calming and relaxing and fills my house with such a lovely smell! The salts don’t sit at the bottom of the bath like others I have tried. They melt into the water straight away and the oils make the water like silk. Can’t wait to try another scent! Thanks again Jeanne.


I was never into baths. People would buy me ‘bath stuff’ and I’d roll my eyes. But I wanted to support a friends business so thought I’d go ahead and try it. Honestly, the first time I used them, I had such an amazing experience I actually got emotional in the bath. I truly experienced ‘me time’ and shutting off from the world. I cannot recommend these salts enough ♥️ Thanks you Jeanne for helping me take my self-care to another level ✨ magical ✨


Beautiful, relaxing bathsalts. These salts make you feel so relaxed and also make your skin feel so soft with the 3 types of salts. I’ve slept so well after using them. Thankyou so much :)

Lauren Mae

Our Journey

With over 40 years of passion for Aromatherapy enables us to create a brand focused on the principles of Aromatherapy healing.

Working With The Best

We chose to work with UK suppliers that share the same ethos we do and focus on clean and natural products, responsible resourcing and sustainability for our planet.

Your Wellbeing

We encourage you to take time for yourself to enjoy and connect with nature and the natural ingredients we offer in each blend.

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