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Our plant based, Vegan friendly soaps contain only natural ingredients.  We use Olive Oil which is an antioxidant as well containing Vitamin E.  Coconut Oil which is believed to help with skin inflammation and to help moisturise skin, especially eczema. Avocado Oil which helps to keep skin smooth and also to help benefit dry skin like psoriasis and eczema. Castor Oil  is believed to act as an antibacterial agent for acne prone skin along with its moisturising properties.  

Our soaps contain quality essential oils and earth clays for colour.  Our soaps are 100% natural and do not contain an animal fat, sulphates chemicals, fragrances or colouring. 

Our nourishing soaps are super fatted which means I have created each bar to contain more oils and butters than normal. With the natural production of glycerin in our soaps that develops during the curing/saponification phase, this helps to leave your skin feeling nourished and with no residue like normal soaps as they have detergents.

Our bars are large and approximately over 170g in weight.  We recommend you read all about our 'Soap Care' to ensure your bar has longevity How To Use Our Soap Bars – Wild Aroma Co.

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